Custom Packaging Solutions

Customized Packaging to Meet Any Need

Superior Packaging Solutions specializes in partnering with our clients to produce custom packaging solutions of any type. We work with our clients to produce custom flexible packaging, custom corrugated boxes, custom die-cut boxes, custom display packaging and a range of custom packaging components like shrink bands and sleeves, custom labels and tape and protective packaging. Our in house team will consult with you to learn your requirements, understand your products, and determine what custom packaging solutions are needed. Our skilled packaging designers will create concepts for your review and we will work with you to produce something to your exact specifications. Then we produce your packaging and become your ongoing partner looking for ways to enhance your brand and save you money.

We have created custom packaging throughout Southern California in places such as Riverside, San Bernardino, Los Angeles and San Diego. Custom packaging for produce, clamshell packaging containers, custom poultry packaging, no job is too small or too big!

Custom Cardboard Packaging and Die-Cut Boxes

Corrugated and Die-Cut Boxes

From the most simple 1-color box, to the highest quality multi-color retail box, our customers count on us for all of their custom corrugated box needs. We pride ourselves in providing a complete resource to our clients, taking them from concept, through design and then finally on to fulfillment.

We have in-house specialists who can produce custom designs for you. You give us your concepts, and we translate them into a custom corrugated box design for you. We have engineering capabilities in house that can consult with you, looking for opportunities to lower your corrugated packaging costs or find ways to provide a more efficient corrugated solution.

At SPS, our clients needs range from simple logo boxes and basic custom cardboard packaging to complex, custom die-cut boxes designed to fit a very specific product. We strive to match each client with the most efficient corrugated solution possible.

Produce Boxes

Produce companies typically require custom die-cut corrugated box solutions that allow for no use of glue or tape. Typical requirements often include wax boxes and boxes that allow for ease of stacking.


Poultry producers often use wax boxes, employing interior liners to keep the product safe and contained. Poultry boxes typically employ a separate lid, rather than a one piece box.


Meat producers employ a range of boxes to meet specific needs. Heavy mediums are often employed to provide for greater strength than standard boxes. SPS also specializes in boxes designed to move through Costco or other specialized retailers with stringent standards.


SPS customers count on us to provide a range of seafood box solutions. Specialized boxes like loin boxes, squid boxes or shrimp boxes are common place orders at SPS, and we can customize graphics on all of them. Wax and standard are both used for seafood and we often see multiple corrugated solutions used in packaging a specific type of seafood.


Custom wax corrugated solutions are typically employed to provide strength, moisture control and to slow down the degradation of the box in refrigeration systems. Again, we can customize the size, shape and printing to provide you with a truly custom wax box.


We have capabilities that range from 1-color to 6-color print, or we can also produce custom litho printing to provide for a maximized custom print. Our in-house team will work with you to translate your vision into a finished design.


Custom die-cut boxes are typically employed when you want to minimize the number of corrugated being used, remove the need for tapes or glues and provide a corrugated solution that fits the product exactly. Often times, custom die-cut boxes will save you money because you are decreasing the raw materials used and the labor involved with producing the box.

Litho Labels

For very high-end custom corrugated boxes when the need to stand out and have strong brand presence is desired, custom litho printing can provide a look and feel unmatched by traditional industrial or registered printing.


For large volume corrugated users, we can consult with you to determine if bringing machinery in-house to perform basic functions like filling, folding or taping can help you lower costs, improve efficiencies and increase production output.

Tray Pack

We can customize trays for a wide variety of products. Custom corrugated tray packs are typically used for bulk products that will end up on a retail shelf like water bottles, jars or cans. Corrugated trays provide a lower cost alternative to a complete box solution.

Custom Display Packaging


Custom displays are a great way to market your product directly to your customers in a retail environment. Through customized designs and printing, your brand can stand out to your customers, increasing sales and demand for your products. We are capable of creating custom chipboard and corrugated displays to fit your product’s marketing needs, while minimizing shipping and production costs.

Cardboard Counter & Floor Displays

These displays offer a quick and easy way for your products to be displayed by retail stores. By creating a custom counter or floor display, you can ship your items with packaging geared to increase customer awareness of your products and grab their attention to increase sales.

Pallet Displays

Similar to Floor Displays, Pallet Displays increase customer awareness of your products through custom printing and design. They are designed to be shipped on a single pallet ready to market to your customers. Many of the “big box” stores require pallet displays to sell on their floors. When accessing this market our experienced team can help you design, manage production, and implement a pallet display program for your business.

End Cap

End Cap Displays cap off the end of an aisle, much like the displays you see at the super markets. They offer high impact marketing for your products in the highest traffic areas in retail stores. By creating a custom End Cap Display for your products, you can maximize the potential for your products to market directly to consumers and drive sales growth.

Point of Purchase

Our point of purchase displays are always custom; they can be created in any size, any shape, clean and simple. Use of labels or full litho printing are among the options to customize your POP displays. Call today to see how we can create the most effective visual display for your business!

Custom Flexible Food Packaging

Custom Food Packaging

A package or container made of flexible or easily yielding materials that, when filled and closed, can be readily changed in shape. A term normally applied to bags, pouches or wraps made of materials ranging in thickness such as paper, plastic film, foil or combinations of these.

Child Resistant Stand-up Pouches

Excellent for products that need to protect children from their contents. Available in many different sizes, prints, and structures. 

Stand-up Pouches

A flexible pouch design where the bottom portion has been gusseted in such a way that it provides a wide enough base to provide support so the pouch is able to be stood up for display or use.

Roll Stock

Any flexible packaging material that is in a roll form.


Oriented Polypropylene film. A stiff, high clarity film, but not heat sealable. Usually combined with other films, for heat sealability. Can be coated with PVDC or metalized for much improved barrier properties.


One of the best barrier films in the industry. This film is ideal for products that require the minimum amount of OTR.


Applying a thin coating of metal to a nonmetallic surface by chemical deposition or by exposing the surface to vaporized metal in a vacuum chamber. Another good option for products that require a low OTR


Low-density polyethylene flexible packaging ranges from 1 mil to 6 mil in thickness. Applies most to packaging loose parts and loose food applications. Offered in a range of custom sizes.


We offer a wide range of custom flexible packaging sizes that conform to military specification, including MIL PRF 81705, MIL PR 2219, MIL PRF 121, MIL PRF 131, JAN PRF 121 that can be custom printed with logos, codes, etc.


A bag usually constructed by sealing one or two flat sheets along the edges. Used for many different applications, the pouch provides good clarity and protection.


A flexible plastic pouch with a molded in place sealing device inserted into the walls of the pouch. A zipper seal can be repeatedly opened and closed.

Retort (Steamable)

The thermal processing of cooking packaged food or other products in a pressurized vessel for the purposes of sterilizing the contents to maintain freshness for extended storage times.

Form and Fill

A packaging machine that forms, fills, closes, and seals a package in one continuous operation. Flexible packaging stock fed from a roll is folded to the desired package shape and stabilized by heat sealing.

Lid Stock

Material or stock used to form a lid. Material that can be heat sealed over the open ends of product.

High Barrier

Material or package that has very low gas permeability characteristics. It offers a great deal of resistance to the passage of a gas through its volume.

Custom Laminated and Die-Cut Packaging Labels


Labels tell us when to purchase or avoid an item, communicating important information about products that make up a big part of our daily lives. Manufacturers want to assure that what they sell is as attractive as possible, both with content and visual representation, so consumers will continue to purchase them.

We offer top quality product labels in custom designs, available in fan folds or rolls, to meet the needs of all our diverse customers’ packaging needs. With a range of materials, sizes, shapes and endless design options, we are sure to have the label you need!


Our laminated labels protect the surface from moisture or oils in order to not lose the bar code or product info.


Polypropylene is the perfect choice for labels that need stretching tolerances and/or for clear applications.

Die Cut

Die cut labels in a range of custom sizes and custom shapes for your most unique labeling needs.

Custom Protective Packaging

Protective Packaging

When your product is shipped, it begins an uncertain journey. It may encounter several transfer points, careless handling, temperature extremes or a number of other volatile conditions.

At SPS, we are committed to assuring safe passage of your product to whatever its destination, across town or across the globe by creating innovative, cost-efficient protective packaging! SPS is a supplier of custom foam, custom dividers and other packaging options. We are always ready to do whatever is necessary to meet your business’ packaging needs. Effective packaging is as varied as the contents it protects. SPS designs and produces an endless variety of options for products of every size, shape and quantity.

Insulated Packaging

Our custom insulated protective packaging adds thermal insulation qualities to your more sensitive shipped products, such as styrofoam boxes for dry ice packaging.

Die Cut Foam

For products requiring maximum protection from the transportation process, we can produce custom foam inserts that will hold each component, keeping it safe. This is especially important when shipping products of high value or glass and fragile products. Don’t take chances, call us today to ensure your product arrives exactly how it shipped.


Dividers are a simple custom protector used to separate and to protect the various components within a box from each other. These are ideal shipping easily bruised fruits like high end Asian pears, as well as fragile items such as light bulbs, glass products, jars, etc. Don’t take chances with your fragile product!

Molded Pulp

Made out of paper fiber pulp, molded pulp is often used in egg cartons and plants. The pulp has the ability to retain water making it a smart and easy choice for preserving plants. And it is a low-cost option that will save your business money!


V-board simply put are corner protectors to protect from edges of your shipped product getting crushed and to provide rigidity to an entire pallet, essentially turning it into a cube. It is a necessary tool to help ensure your product is not refused when shipped.

Custom Shrink Bundling Film

Shrink Films and Sleeves

Custom shrink bundling film is an excellent way to combine production efficiency with product protection. Designed to protect and contain your product, it allows consumers to see what’s inside the package. And for those unique shapes and sizes, SPS offers custom films that will suit your every need!

Shrink Bands/Sleeves

These custom shrink bands or sleeves provide a means for tamper evident closures. The application process is far simpler and applies a single piece with no seams that is far stronger. The added benefit is a far better aesthetic than an average paper label.

Bundling Film

Our custom shrink bundling film comes in rolls available for custom printing, specific size requirements, any needed holes, etc.These are typically used with water bottle and beverage cases. It provides a protective measure and keeps the product and all of its parts intact throughout the shipping process.


SPS offers custom industrial shrink films for those unique larger scale protective applications such as pallets, caps, boats, furniture. We have a fit for all your protection needs!