Stock Packaging Solutions

Your Just In Time Packaging Partner (JIT)

Superior Packaging Solutions specializes in Just in Time – JIT – stock packaging solutions for our customers. We work with you to determine your exact packaging needs, and then allow you to buy in bulk, with us stocking the packaging supplies in our warehouse and sending them out to you as you need them, or Just In Time. We specialize in all packaging products, with a heavy focus on PET bottles. We stock and produce a range of narrow neck PET bottles and wide mouth PET bottles in an array of sizes, styles and colors.

In our two warehouses, we already stock a wide range of stock packaging products, including flexible packaging, shrink wrap, protective packaging / void fillers, corrugated boxes and basic packaging supplies like tape and labels. Call Superior today and we’ll get you the best prices on any type of stock packaging and become your partner, developing a cost effective and efficient packaging program for you.

Stock Cardboard Box Packaging Products

Food and Retail Corrugated Boxes

We service the largest manufacturers and purveyors and offer a wide variety of stock boxes standard to each industry. We have on hand large quantities for immediate delivery, available in low minimums and pallet quantity. Our superior selection and range of sizes and styles help to avoid pricey set-up costs, like cutting die.

Produce Boxes

Superior Packaging Solutions stocks a wide variety of stock produce boxes. Whether you’re packaging avocados or zucchinis, we have a box for you.


The poultry industry uses a wide variety of boxes. At Superior Packaging Solutions, we stock the most common boxes used in the poultry industry. Our warehouses stock Wax Cascade and Curtain Coated boxes in 6”, 7” and 10” along with the matching lids. We also stock 10lb, 15lb, and 40lb portion boxes.


Our substantial presence in the meat industry enables us to stock a wide array of the most popular boxes used in the industry. Whether it is a die cut box for portion controlled products or a double wall box for larger pieces, we are your one stop shop for all of your packaging.


Over the last ten years, SPS has carved out a niche and earned the reputation as the go-to company for great pricing and outstanding service for our seafood customers. If it is a stock seafood box that you are looking for, please give us a call.


Wax boxes are essential for packaging products whose demands are higher than your typical corrugated box. Whether you are packaging Produce, Poultry, or Seafood, Superior Packaging Solutions stocks a wide variety of wax boxes in our warehouses.


Commonly referred to as slip sheets. Chipboard and Corrugated pads are in stock and ready for immediate delivery.

Stock Flexible Bags and Products

We stock a variety of bags and pouches, in materials ranging from foil to HDPE & LDPE to BOPP (bi-oriented polypropylene) to PET & nylon. We offer a variety of options in style and size for each stock item of flexible packaging, from the smallest 2×2 bag to pallet covers. We’ll help you choose the best fit from our stock options to best sustain shelf life and increase visibility of your product.

Foil Bags

The best barrier product available in convenient stock sizes. Promises the lowest oxygen transfer rate to avoid degradation of your product.


We stock a wide range of flexible packaging sizes that conform to military specification, including but not limited to MIL PRF 121, MIL PRF 131, MIL PRF 81705, MIL PR 22191 and JAN PRF 121.


Anti-static packaging protects your product from static and electricity during shipping; ideal and frequently used for high end electronic and medical equipment. Meets military standard requirement.


Low-density polyethylene packaging ranging from 1 mil thick to 6 mil thick. Applied most for packaging loose parts to loose food applications. Offered in a wide variety of sizes.

Stock Packaging Product Labels

Quality Product Labels

Aside from content and warnings, labels can contain important information that businesses choose to display such as advertisements, recipes, etc. An eye-catching label design is key in product marketing as it differentiates your product from others and convinces customers to buy! We stock top quality product labels, available in fan folds or rolls, to meet the needs of all our diverse customers’ packaging needs.

Direct Thermal

These labels do not require a ribbon. We offer a wide variety of direct thermal labels ready for immediate delivery. In many cases we can deliver on the same day. For your convenience these labels can be ordered on rolls or fan folded.

Thermal Transfer

These types of labels require a ribbon. Superior Packaging Solutions stock a wide variety of direct thermal labels. In many cases we can deliver on the same day. For your convenience these labels can be ordered on rolls or fan folded.


We stock many different ribbons for your thermal transfer printer in Wax, Resin or Wax/Resin. Whether it is a Zebra, Sato, Datamax or a Sony printer that you have, Superior Packaging Solutions has your ribbons.

Stock Shrink Band and Sleeve Packaging

Shrink Bands / Sleeves

Shrink Bands provide an economical and effective way to protect your product from being tampered with. Superior Packaging Solutions stocks a large variety of shrink bands for many different product lines.

Food Applications

Whether you are using deli cups, clamshells, jars or bottles, SPS can provide the right shrink band for you.


Many cosmetic bottles have unique shapes and sizes.Shrink sleeves and bands can effectively provide peace of mind and protection for your valued products. Please contact SPS so we can help you today.


When it comes to the packaging, the Pharmaceutical Industry has some of the highest standards. Many Pharmaceutical companies use shrink bands to provide the extra level of protection that their customers require. If your product requires a shrink band, please give SPS a call.

Stock Shrink Bundling Film and Wrap

Shrink bundling film is a great way to combine production efficiency and maximum shelf impact. It’s designed to protect and contain your product but at the same time allows consumers to see what’s inside the package.

Shrink bundling film provides a convenient way to bundle and ship heavy items such as beverage cases and unitizing other items. It is often found at wholesale, grocery and retail outlets.

SPS offers a whole range of stock option sizes, colors and more for all your business’ bundling needs. Call us today to see what we can do for you!

Stock Protective Packaging Products

Protective Packaging

Getting your item to its intended destination is only part of delivery. Assuring that it arrives in the exact condition it went out is equally important.

Our line of protective packaging offers high-impact absorption capacities, damage protection for your fragile products and stabilization in transit.

Bubble Wrap

Bubble wrap is a plastic material, pliable and transparent used most often for packing breakable items. Protruding air-filled bubbles on the wrap cushion the fragile items from bumps and bangs along the way.

Dunnage/Void Fillers

Load shifting is the main cause of damage to products in transit. This costs your business time and money to fix. Dunnage is an excellent way to prevent forward and backward motion of your shipment.

Foam Wrap

Foam secures items in place and provides ideal protection for glassware, breakables and various other valuables. Foam wrap also adds an extra layer of cushion, thermal insulation as well as allowing for stacking of products.

Kraft Rolls

100% recycled premium kraft paper ensures your package’s safe arrival. Ideal for wrapping or stuffing packages, our paper will secure your items during shipment. Versatile kraft paper can be a low-cost packing material, void fill for shipping or as a wrapping to cover boxes, books, etc.

Pallet Slip Sheets

Slip sheets are pallet-sized thin sheets made of plastic, kraft paperboard or corrugated fiberboard used for commercial shipping. They often replace traditional wooden pallets.


Honeycomb consists of kraft paper formed into uniform hexagonal cells. It has a wide range of applications, as both inner and outer packaging. In addition to blocking and filling, it can be used as a shock absorber, product separator or for pallets. Honeycomb is used often as an alternative to wood, foam or plastics.


Don’t use dirty newspaper to wrap your packages. Clean, unprinted newsprint is ideal to use for wrapping or for use as void filling. No ink so no mess.

Stock HDPE Bottles and Containers

We have high-density polyethylene(HDPE) containers available in capacities of 1 oz to 5 gallons. They feature excellent moisture barrier, high resistance to cold, industrial chemical resistance(acid, alcohol, solvents, etc.) and are an economical choice for filling product that needs high impact resistance. They hold up well under temperature changes to 160F degrees and can be labeled or silk screened.


We offer a wide range of cosmetic containers with capacity ranging from 1oz – 64oz in a variety of styles like plastique round, boston round, cylinder round and double wall jars. Additionally we stock orifice reducers, foamers, trigger sprayers and pump sprayers and caps, for shampoos & lotions to a variety of personal care products.


These containers are highly resistant to corrosive materials, most suitable for chemicals, acid and cleansers. Available in 1oz to gallon size in f-style, k-style, narrow neck and wide mouth.


We stock packers for pharmaceutical, opthalmic and nutraceutical products, ranging from 50cc to 950cc, that fully comply with cGMP, HAACP, ISO 9001, FSSC 22000 accreditations.

Stock PET Bottles and PET Containers

Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) is a type of polyester molded into bottles & containers available for packaging a wide range of products, most commonly used for wine & spirits, sauces & dressings, olive oil, cueritos & botanas, cosmetics, spices, pharmaceuticals and food applications. The material is strong and lightweight, cost effective and shatterproof. PET has been recognized by health authorities to be safe for food, beverage, medical and pharmaceutical applications. They are available in narrow neck and wide mouth options in a range of shapes, sizes and neck finishes.

Narrow Neck Bottles

Narrow Neck PET bottles are generally used for liquids. We carry PET wine bottles (from 187ml to 5L), bottles for alcoholic spirits, PET sauce bottles, as well as dressing and olive oil bottles.

Wide Mouth Containers

SPS carries a variety of wide mouth PET containers for distribution. The wide mouth variety of PET containers is most commonly used for spices, cueritos y botanas and cosmetic applications.

Stock Container Lids, Caps and Closures

We offer a wide selection of lids, caps and closures in a variety of styles and materials to fit your every application and container. In stock now for immediate delivery!


Shaker lids are perfect for application in cosmetics and food industries, allowing for dispensing through perforations in the top of the closure, such as baby powder or spices & seasonings.


The pour-out finish has uniform undercut lip; it is designed to facilitate easy pouring with no dripping.


We offer a stock selection of aluminum lids in a range of sizes, shapes and weights for the perfect closure for almost any container.

Tamper Evident

Our stock line of tamper evident lids and closures offers you peace of mind when bringing your product to market. In industries where product safety is paramount, food & beverage or pharmaceuticals for instance, the right closure for your product can impact sales, shipping costs and your business’ reputation.

Lid Liners

Choosing a liner style or type for your cap can be quite involved. Factors such as moisture barrier, chemical resistance or leakage prevention must be considered in many consumer products, chemicals and foods. Cap liner materials may also affect the cost of your product. We offer a range of styles and materials to suit almost any need!

Stock Stretch Wraps and Film Packaging

Stretch Wrap and Films

With a wide range of stock stretch wrap in blown and cast films, we are able to service virtually any industry. From produce and spice/beverage bottlers to manufacturing and heavy industry, we have the right options to fit your company’s needs. We look for ways to deliver your shipments safely and securely, while reducing loss in the most economical way possible to minimize your cost per shipment.

Call today to see if there is an opportunity to save money on your stretch wrap application!

Blown Film

Manufactured through blown extrusion, this film has higher tension on pallets and stretches better around awkward loads than cast films. Disadvantages: Because of crystallization during the blowing extrusion process, blown films have poor clarity and are louder when being applied than cast film.

Colored & Opaque Films

These films are run in standard cast or blown extrusion with colored resin to eliminate visibility to the contents of your pallet. This can be a great option for companies that are concerned about pilferage of valuable shipments. Also, colored films deter ultraviolet rays and can outlast typical clear films during extended outdoor storage. This is also a great option for companies that need an easy and effective way to color code different shipments for easy recognition of different products and shipping locations.

Anti-Static Film & Hand Stretch

Used primarily for electronics, chemicals and paints, anti-static films offer a high level of cling and superior puncture resistance while dissipating static that can be harmful to your products.

Pre-Stretch/ Hybrid Stretch

Made with a blend of polymers to create a superior resin, this wrap has increased tension on pallets and is a great replacement for standard films at a lower price point. It is referred to as “Hybrid Stretch” because it has been stretched and re-rolled onto the roll, with 25-30% stretch remaining to maximize tension and performance on your pallets while reducing roll weight and cost to you.


Primarily used in the produce industry, this film has vent holes with strengthening bands to allow airflow to the product while keeping your pallet secure during shipping. If you’re shipping any products that need open air ventilation during transport, we have a wide range of ventilated films that can meet your needs.

Cast Film

Manufactured through cast extrusion, this film has excellent clarity, less force to stretch, and quieter application compared to blown hand and machine film. Disadvantages: Cast film has less tension on pallets and tear resistance compared to blown stretch film.

Stock Tamper Evident Packaging

Tamper Evident

Tamper evident design in labeling and packaging makes unauthorized access to your product clearly detectable. In certain industries it can be vital to know if a product has been altered after leaving the manufacturer. Use of our tamper evident line of seals and shrink bands can assure the safety of your product and potentially save your company money.

Shrink Bands

Shrink bands are a simple and economical way to tamper proof your containers and add value to the product. Shrink bands are used in a range of industries from cosmetics and pharmaceuticals to food & beverage. When the shrink band has been compromised, it can’t be reapplied to your container, giving you and your customers peace of mind regarding the safety of your products.

We offer a range of stock shrink band sizes compatible with all types of containers.

Security Stickers

Check out our stock selection of tamper evident labels and stickers to find the best security application for your product. Discourages theft or tampering and saves you money!

Stock Carton Sealing Tape


Our extensive selection of carton sealing tapes include: Acrylic, Tamper Evident/Security Tapes, Water Activated Tapes, Custom Printed Tapes, Rubber Tapes, and Strapping Tape.

With a large selection of products, we can give your company the right fit for what your individual needs require. By analyzing your packaging, we will find the right tape that will get your products to your customers without fail.

Security Tape

Security Tapes, also known as Tamper Evident Tapes, are used to reduce pilferage and ensure peace of mind to your customers that their shipment has been received safely and securely. Security tapes not only tell your customers that you care about their shipments, it also is a red flag for any persons that consider tampering with your products to go elsewhere!

Water Activated/Kraft Paper Tape

For a professional look on your cartons Water Activated Tape provides great sealing for high weight shipments. With custom and pre-printed options available, Water Activated Tape seals to the carton after coming into contact with water, and makes a great tamper evident sealing option as well, as it cannot be removed from the carton or resealed.

Hand Tape & Machine Tape

With hand and machine applications ranging in thickness from 1.6mil to 3.6mil in stock, carton sealing acrylic tape is the most economical and widely used type of tape on the market. Call now to get a free packaging evaluation and see which product is best for your business.


Stretch and wrap self-fusing rubber tape insulates and provides a moisture-tight seal without using adhesives. It has a high resistance to steam, oil and water, where other tapes might fail.

Filament/Strapping Tape

Commonly used for closing corrugated boxes, filament tape provides additional support to the container when it is needed. It is often used to help close five panel folder and full telescope boxes that need a very high strength tape for reinforcement and to ensure the container remains closed during shipping.