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Superior Packaging Solutions is based in Southern California and has been in business since 2004. We provide a wide array of custom packaging products to customers in industries including food processing, cosmetics, agriculture, pharmaceutical, and general manufacturing. We supply custom packaging products throughout Los Angeles, Riverside, San Bernardino, San Diego and Orange County.

For over a decade, our philosophy at Superior Packaging Solutions has been dedication to customer service. We strive to take leaps beyond tradition to take care of our clients. Whatever that means, whatever it takes, we will go the extra mile to see our clients satisfied and returning. It is not uncommon for our company to make deliveries after hours or on weekends to fill our clients needs. That is why we have been called the 24/7 packaging solution because it is known that we will come through at any time if needed. In a constantly changing economy, many businesses are looking to reduce costs and cut corners to save money.

But for us, It is not always about the “bottom line”; at Superior it is all about maintaining a high level of satisfaction and great relationships with our customers for the long term. Because when we spend a little more to show our customers we mean business, customer loyalty and future referrals pays us back in spades.

Superior Packaging Solutions Team

In this day and age of endless options, Superior Packaging Solutions has gone above and beyond to set themselves apart from the herd through tireless dedication to top notch customer service and products. Superior Packaging Solutions has been in business more than a decade and boasts over 45 years experience with the key personnel. This collective of industry background coupled with the company founders’ strict adherence to the customer service motto “Whatever it takes”, makes SPS a force to be reckoned with among the packaging competition. Superior Packaging Solutions is constantly expanding their product line, innovating and learning about new products. They continuously strive to find better ways to serve their customers.

Richard Resendez


Richard Resendez, co-owner of Superior Packaging Services, has almost two decades of experience in the packaging industry and has spent ten of those building a name for SPS as a leader in packaging services. Richard takes on the responsibility every day of directing operations and building a solid team of sales associates who take the commitment to excellent customer service and quality products as seriously as he.

Richard has become successful not solely for his ability to run all aspects of a company, from accounting and human resources to banking and credit management. What truly sets him apart are his tireless efforts in striving to always go above and beyond expectations, to improve services and constantly educate himself on the newest information available in his field. Richard regularly attends the annual nation wide Packaging Expos, constantly researching new packaging innovations and integrating them into Superior.

He has personally managed to create new supplier relationships that are exclusive to and produce only for Superior Packaging Services in the Southern California region. Richard is also well versed in the requirements of warehouse stores like Costco and Sam’s Club or specialty markets like Trader Joe’s for getting your product onto their shelves without a hitch. His reliability and service is evident in the referrals SPS receives by UPS for packaging design by their customers.

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Supplier Relationships & Just In Time (JIT) Partnerships

Here at Superior Packaging Solutions, we believe our growth depends on nurturing and maintaining strong ongoing partnerships with our suppliers. We have always achieved excellent working relationships with all of ours. This may seem simple enough but what it translates to is important, key benefits for you, our clients. Because of the solid mutual respect and professional bond with our suppliers, they continually go the extra mile for us. We in turn, will always go the extra mile for our clientele, so in the end, it’s an all around win. A major advantage that we have over our competitors as well, is our large volume purchases on key items that results in the best pricing from our vendors. We can then turn around and pass those savings on to your, our customer, without the added burden of putting the large volume in your lap.


“I highly recommend the products and services provided by Superior Packaging Solutions. As a former purchasing manager at A&R, I have dealt with over 200 suppliers. With that said, I can assure you that the caliber shown by Superior Packaging Solutions is hard to find and definitely the one we intend to keep.”

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William J. Hall

President, Hart Food Products

“(SPS) are extremely well connected to a variety of suppliers and that has been of great help developing multiple products and POS material. I don’t give my recommendation to a business or person lightly but Superior Packaging is a wonderful company to work with, a true trading partner.”

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Yukasa Shida, MBA

A&R Tarpaulins, Inc.

An example of our commitment to building solid business relationships:

Here is a true story of a sales call.

We asked the purchasing agent if there were any items that they were having difficulty finding that we could help with. To our surprise the purchasing agent said orange juice for a marinade. We asked if she could give us a week to try and find the product. We were able to find the product and offered it to her company at less than what she was paying through the current supplier. Our years of experience also enabled to offer our customer a finished product at a substantial savings. Coincidently, the finished marinade came from an existing customer.

Superior Packaging Solutions enjoys promoting our customers products and have successfully facilitated many sales for our clients.

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