Packaging Consulting

Efficient and Effective Packaging Solutions

For more than a decade, the professional packaging consultants at Superior Packaging Solutions have been working with clients throughout Southern California to deliver cost-effective, hassle free packaging solutions. We work with our clients to isolate their needs and then recommend solutions that keep their business moving forward.

With packaging, there are typically many different ways to accomplish the task. However, with our years of experience, we can recommend ways to decrease your packaging costs while still maintaining the desired outcome. Some examples of how we can save you time and money include:

  • We helped produce a custom die-cut box that increased structural rigidity allowing us to decrease the thickness of the cardboard and save over 15%.
  • We helped a customer re-engineer their meat packaging resulting in a packaging cost decrease of over 20%.
  • We helped a customer order their packaging in larger quantities, stored them, and became their Just In Time (JIT) partner saving them over 20%.
  • We helped a customer replace their existing glass bottles with new PET bottles that lowered costs and increased benefits.
  • We implemented automation into a packaging line increasing throughput and decreasing labor costs.

No matter what you need to package, we have the innovative solutions and will become your trusted packaging partner.

In-House Systems

At Superior Packaging Solutions, we are always looking for ways to make your packaging systems more efficient and to drive down cost. One way we do this is to partner with our clients to bring automation systems and other equipment in house. Through this partnership, we work with you determine ways to lower your labor costs and increase throughput. Our expert packaging consultants will sit down with you to evaluate how you package your products now and what we can do to create efficiencies, lower costs and increase speed. Call Superior today and we’ll begin the process!

Costco Onboarding Specialists

At Superior Packaging Solutions, we have specific experience helping companies prepare their products for sale through Costco. Costco employs specific and stringent requirements that dictate how you package, palletize and ship your products to them. Any small mistake can cause your product to be rejected, causing time delays and added cost as you retool to meet their requirements. Superior Packaging Solutions’ experienced packaging consultants will work with you to evaluate your product packaging and shipping process in order to ensure that you can seamlessly on board your products with Costco. Call Superior today to learn more.

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